Note: I no longer reply to personal emails asking questions that should be asked on the adegenet forum.
The only exception is when confidential data are involved, or for bug reports. All other questions should go on the adegenet forum. Excitingly, all you need to know about this forum is just below.

The adegenet forum
For all discussions/questions related to adegenet.
- one address: adegenet-forum AT lists DOT r-forge DOT r-project DOT org
- to subscribe to this mailing list, go here
- please read the guidelines before sending a post
- use the search engine to look for information in the archives
- alternatively,  you can browse the archives of adegenet forum
- the most frequent questions and their answers are listed at the bottom of this page.

For more general questions about the analysis of genetic markers in R, use the R-sig-genetics mailing list.

Want to track the evolution of the package from the inside ?
Subscribe to the commit mailing-list here

Contributions, direct contact with the author: t.jombart AT imperial DOT ac DOT uk

Please, do use the adegenet forum to ask questions concerning the package. Browsable archives of this mailing list allow other users to benefit from previous answers.

Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers):

# 1: How do I know which R version / adegenet version I'm using?
For R version, type:

For adegenet version, type:
packageDescription("adegenet", field="Version")

# 2: Loading adegenet fails on windows Vista; what's going on?
This is likely caused by a wrong installation of the package, or not installing the dependencies.
Start R in 'Administrator' mode (right click on R's icon -> "start as administrator"), then type:
install.packages("adegenet", dep=TRUE)

# 3: Help pages are not found on windows...
This is likely because your R installation did not include help pages in html. You need to specify you want to use help in text mode. This is achieved by typing:

# 4: Loading adegenet fails with this error (R >= 2.13.0):
Error in as.environment(pos) : no item called "newtable" on the search list

This is because the package 'graph', on which adegenet depends, has been removed from CRAN. You need to install graph from bioconductor first, and then install adegenet:
install.packages("adegenet", dep=TRUE)