Thibaut Jombart's homepage or webpage at the Imperial College.

adegenet is hosted by R-Forge.

R official website is here.

Other related R packages:
- mixOmics, a package for the exploratory analysis of omics data
- polysat, a package for handling and analysing polyploid microsatellites, including mixed ploidy samples
- pegas, Emmanuel Paradis's package implementing classical population genetics tools, compatible with adegenet.
- ade4, a package for multivariate analysis, graphics, phylogeny and spatial statistics.
- ape, the classical package for phylogenetics and evolution by Emmanuel Paradis.
- adephylo, a package dedicated to the exploration of phylogenetic signal in biological traits.
- phylobase, a package implementing classes to handle and manipulate comparative data (i.e. phylogeny + traits).
- adehabitat, a package for habitat selection analysis.
- made4, a package for microarray analysis using ade4.
- ade4TkGUI, a Tcl/Tk GUI for ade4.
- ads, a R package for spatial point patterns analysis.
- genetics, a R package for genetic analysis (Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, linkage disequilibrium, definition of the class genotype).
- hierfstat, a R package to compute and test for genetic structuration at different hierarchical levels.
- mefa, a R package for multivariate count data handling in ecology and biogeography.

Other related softwares:
- Fstat
- Genepop

The R-epi project:

- biostatistical ressources using R from Lyon1 University
- the R genetics project
- the CRAN task view genetics
- Ubuntu, the accessible linux distribution
- Péter Sólymos's homepage
- the R-sig-genetics mailing list
- Tom Schneider's page on bibtex styles for biologists